The Carlos Guitarlos Band Live September 29 @ The Liquid Kitty

The Carlos Guitarlos Band will be appearing
LIVE @ The Liquid Kitty,
11780 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064
(one block east of Bundy)
Sunday, September 29, 10:00PM – 1:30AM
(No Cover/21 & over)

The Carlos Guitarlos Band features

CARLOS GUITARLOS – One of the world’s greatest Americana, Roots and Blues songwriters / guitarists from the infamous TOP JIMMY & THE RHYTHM PIGS – a seminal LA blues band from the 80’s — Carlos has played with/for: Marcy Levy, Jim Keltner, Tom Waits, The Great Gene Taylor, Ray Manzarek, Los Lobos, The Blasters, Maria McKee, John Densmore, John Doe, Dave Alvin, Top Jimmy, Gil T., Steve Berlin, Steve Nieve, Jeff Ross

MIKE HIGHTOWER – P-bass — Mike has played with/for: Sting, Ray Manzarek, Robby Keiger, John Legend, June Pointer, Mary J. Bildge, Bonnie Pointer, Lester Bulter & 13

ADAM STEINBERG – Drums — Adam has played with/for: Bellylove, Swing Riots, Shanty Town Gadjos, Di$count Basie, the Still Moving Project, Johnny Fava Show backing up Lisa Loeb and Rashida Jones, Louise Frasier featuring Dave Immurgluck (Counting Crows) and Ron Blair (Tom Petty), West 79th Street Funk Jazz Band, VisionQuest Jazztet, Scott Detweiller, Andy Milukoff, Jonathan Morrow and Another Name for Music productions.

Here are four songs performed by The Carlos Guitarlos Band from Cadillac Zack’s Monday Night Blues Party

Video: “Central Avenue Stomp”

Video: “I Found Someone”

Video: “Damn Atchaflaya”

Video: “If You Would Leave Me”

Jonny Whiteside says: “They don’t call him Guitarlos for nothing–the cat wields his ax with flabbergasting skill, a mix of sophisticated technique and sheer musicality that allows him to employ a long-range artistic reach spanning a spectrum of impressive breadth, depth and height.

Technically, Guitarlos is unrivaled–he’s capable of playing melody, an intricate bass line and beating out hot percussion all at once, creating a full-blown sound that positively dazzles. With a bottomless repertoire that demonstrates an intimate knowledge of almost every vernacular American music form, he also delivers it in a wildly idiosyncratic fashion that is as undeniably authentic as the hard-knock life he’s led.

Los Angeles Times says: “. . .The technique is unmistakably sophisticated: chords and melody played simultaneously, the way Chet Atkins might have done. An old gravelly blues voice, perfectly cracked, effortlessly in tune, pours from the slumped singer. The truthfulness of the voice commands you to listen. . .”

LA Weekly says: “If you’re going to name yourself Carlos Guitarlos, you’d better make sure you’re a damned good guitarist. So good, in fact, that you can play anywhere, out on the streets or in a fancy concert hall, with the uncanny ability to pull from memory just about any blues-rock classic and, on top of that, play it in a style that’s uniquely your own. And then, somehow, you should also be so good that you can write and sing dozens of your own originals, in all manner of genres, from bewitchingly sad ballads and deft Beatles-like pop structures to ragingly dirty blues and Latin soul. –Falling James”

Five CDS currently are available from this rockin’/roots/Americana singer/songwriter/guitarist

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART – 2003 * Page 1, Column 1 of L.A.Times, April 30, 2003 Carlos Guitarlos With Mike Watt, John Doe, Dave Alvin

HELL CAN WAIT – 2005 * Carlos Guitarlos With Marcy Levy, David Hidalgo, Gene Taylor

HANDSOME WOLF – LIVE – 2009 * Recorded live @ Winslow Court Studio mixed by Mark Linett, @ “YourPlaceOrMine”, Glendale, CA Mike Hightower, P-Bass, Joey Morales, Drums

SING AN HONEST SONG– ACOUSTIC 2009 * Mark Doten, Upright Bass, Carlos Guitarlos, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

THE INNOCENT REMAINS –ACOUSTIC- 2010 * with EB-3L Gibson Electric Bass otherwise all acoustic with Carlos Guitarlos on all instruments and vocals

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